My Protein clothing review

Gym goers, we can never have enough hoodies, leggings and vest-tops, right?!

But it’s often hard to find decent stuff that fits well, doesn’t rub or ride up and is squat proof!

My Protein is Europe’s leading sports nutrition brand.

They offer everything from protein powders, bars and pre-workouts to vitamins and, of course, clothes for both men and women.

I’ve always been a fan of their products, so thought I would give some of their gym gear a go and let you know what I thought of it…


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From weights to wellbeing

Juggling a full time job and training can get really stressful sometimes.

There’s meal prep to do, cardio, weight training, the daily commute, meetings and more… just typing about it leave me reeling! And, worst of all, stress can be detrimental to your body’s development.

When you are stressed you release a hormone called cortisol and too much of this can lead to muscle loss, belly fat, fatigue and a compromised immune system.

Still, whether you are a gym junkie, work-aholic or constant stress head, here’s a way you can find inner peace, boost confidence, gain motivation, even banish a headache and overcome a cold thanks to Tazeka Aromatherapy

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Cuteness overload!

I just had to pop this up because it melted my heart.

All you dog lovers out there will be oohing and aahing over this. It’s a lovely little film from tails.coma company who deliver tailor-made, hand blended, dry dog food straight to your door.

I’ve already done a review of their dog food herewhere you can find out more and get a free two-week trial of the food yourself.

This film has been put together to celebrate dogs and it’s clear they have an important place in many of our lives from recent research.

A study of over 1,000 adults revealed that 94% of dog owners say their pet makes them happier – with 63% saying a dog makes them physically fitter and 40% saying a dog makes them feel less stressed. And, half of the dog owners questioned said their dog understands them more than anyone else.

Now sit back and prepare to have your heart melted here!! 



A happy, healthy hound!

I want to make sure my whole family are looking after their health, and that includes my pooch, Vince!

My seven-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier suffers with colitis – an inflamed colon – and it plays havoc with his digestive system, so I have to be careful what I feed him.

Which is why I was intrigued by the idea of – a company who deliver freshly-blended dry dog food, tailor-made to your pups needs, straight to your door each month.


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My muscle easing must haves

There’s nothing like a good old stretch or, better still, a deep tissue massage, and you don’t need an army of physiotherapists at hand to ease those aching muscles.

These days even supermarkets are selling workout equipment. It’s affordable, accessible and if you want to stay flexible and injury free, it’s a necessity!

I use a couple of things to help keep me limber and I wanted to share them with you…

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My lower body stretching routine

I might sound like I’m moaning here, but right now not a day goes by without some part of my body aching!

Legs, shoulders, abs, back, bottom…after a punishing weights session I know I’ll be in for a day of oohhhhs and ahhhhs whenever I try to get up from my chair, reach for something or even attempt to brush my hair, not to mention the morbid fear of stairs that grips me after leg day!

Which is why it’s so important that I treat my sore muscles to a good stretch and deep tissue rub down, because it ensures they stay flexible, which will help aid mobility and strength and prevent injury and muscle fatigue in the long run.

Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to be a yogic master to stretch yourself out successfully. The following stretching routine is specifically designed to target your lower body (legs, glutes and back), can be practiced by anyone and takes no more than half an hour.

It was devised by world-renowned stretching and conditioning coach Joe DeFranco and is called the Limber 11.

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