A happy, healthy hound!

I want to make sure my whole family are looking after their health, and that includes my pooch, Vince!

My seven-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier suffers with colitis – an inflamed colon – and it plays havoc with his digestive system, so I have to be careful what I feed him.

Which is why I was intrigued by the idea of tails.com – a company who deliver freshly-blended dry dog food, tailor-made to your pups needs, straight to your door each month.


The processes is easy, all you have to do is fill in the online questionnaire.

As well as the usual questions about your dog’s breed, age and weight, it also asks about any health problems your pup has – such as joint conditions, skin and coat worries or digestion issues – as well as how much exercise they get and how often they are fed treats.

With this information they are then able to create the perfect blend of dog food for your furry friend, packed with the most nutritional and beneficial ingredients, as well as calculate how much and how often your dog will need feeding. The bag of food you receive will last 30 days.

However, because tails.com work out the exact amount of food your dog should be getting each day, it also means the price varies for every dog because it is calculated on weight.


It took about a week for Vince’s food to arrive, but I was kept up to date with the order’s progress via email and the cardboard box the food came in was left just as I’d instructed.

Also in the box was a collapsable scoop, with adjustable quantity settings…



and a leaflet with instructions on how much food Vince should be fed, plus a breakdown of the food’s ingredients and nutrients and an explanation as to why they would benefit Vince’s health.


The first bowl went down that evening and was gone in seconds and every bowl since has been met with a wagging tail!

However, if your dog doesn’t like the food, you can cancel your on-going order at any time. You can also delay, pause or bring forward your order online. And, at any time, you can update your dog’s profile and their food will be adapted accordingly.

If you’re a busy fur-baby mummy like me, then this is a great way of ticking off one more task on your list and always making sure the cupboard is stocked with dog food, plus you don’t have to lug it back from the supermarket, and you get the peace of mind that it’s a blend specially designed with your dog’s health and wellbeing in mind.

For a free two-week trial go to tails.com and use the promo code TAILS.

Until next time, from me and Vince, stay happy and healthy…



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