My Protein clothing review

Gym goers, we can never have enough hoodies, leggings and vest-tops, right?!

But it’s often hard to find decent stuff that fits well, doesn’t rub or ride up and is squat proof!

My Protein is Europe’s leading sports nutrition brand.

They offer everything from protein powders, bars and pre-workouts to vitamins and, of course, clothes for both men and women.

I’ve always been a fan of their products, so thought I would give some of their gym gear a go and let you know what I thought of it…


I bought a pair of leggings, a hoodie and jacket from My Protein back in December, so I’ve had a good five months of wearing them in the gym to get an idea of what I really think of them.

My Protein’s FT Athletic Tights – Black Stroke

SIZE: Medium COST: £29.99

I loved the print on these and liked the idea of pairing them with a bright neon top and black trainers.

The Spandex blend material is comfortable, really stretchy and breathable, however, there’s one HUGE problem with these leggings – they are really thin and practically see-through round the bottom when you squat. In fact, even just standing casually I could see the outline of my underwear.


I’m only 5ft 2in and I will say that there wasn’t too much excess material around my ankles with these, and they pull up comfortably over the belly button for all those who like high-waisted leggings. Although, some may not like the waist band’s ‘sticky’ lining…


It’s a thin plastic band which is designed to help stop the leggings from slipping down.

It’s probably not a problem if you’re only wearing your gym kit for a couple of hours a day, but I wear mine all day and by the evening the band was sweaty and uncomfortable.

Size wise, I would say these aren’t true to size. At the time I bought mine I was a size 12, so opted for medium and they were REALLY tight. I would suggest sizing up on these.

Overall I wasn’t happy with this particular design, but I think they are well priced and would be curious to try other, darker patterns and see how they faired at the squat rack!

My Protein Women’s Slouch Hoodie – Grey


SIZE: 12 COST:£24.99

I’m sorry to say I was disappointed with this.

It’s a nice design, but this is never going to be a hoodie that you’ll be pulling on to keep warm and cosy.

It feels almost like it’s made of cheese cloth, but that means it’s so thin and light weight that you forget you’re even wearing it!

The fit is cropped, so if you’re looking for something to cover your bottom, this won’t.


If you want something to wear that will look cute in the gym then fine, but this hoodie has no real use as a practical ‘sports’ top.

I, personally, don’t think it’s worth the money.

My Protein Women’s Printed Panel Zip Through Hoody – Teal

SIZE: 12 COST: Around £25

I love, love, LOVE this jacket!!

Only thing is I have hunted high and low on the website and I think they are out of stock – and for good reason too.

This jacket is lovely. It’s well made, good quality, a gorgeous colour, has a great celestial/paint splatter design, is super comfy and has pockets and thumb holes!!

I can’t fault it, but I will say that, oddly, this comes up big, so definitely stick to your size or even consider going down one. Make sure to keep an eye out on the website for when they restock!IMG_2423.jpg

All in all, I really like the My Protein brand.

Their customer service is great, they are ALWAYS running offers, their delivery times are swift and every company has the odd hit and miss product.

I would consider buying clothing from them again – I’ve been eyeing up the sports bras – I just wish more people would write reviews on the My Protein website so you can get a better idea of the item you’re thinking of buying.

Let me know if you found this helpful. What else would you like me to review?

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…



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