Coffee with a KICK!

Hey everyone,

I’m just weeks away from taking part in my first bikini competition and it’s been tough getting myself to the gym, plus doing 40 mins of cardio a day.

So, when I heard about Bulletproof Coffee and how it can be used as a pre workout, I thought it was worth giving it a go.


You might never look the same way at a skinny-frappuccino-mocha-latte-macchiato again after discovering more about Bulletproof Coffee.

Developed by American Dave Asprey, it’s a new way of drinking your coffee, by blending together ground beans, unsalted grass-fed butter and Upgrade Octane Oil!

Here, let me break it down for you…

THE COFFE (RRP £9.95 for 250g ground. Also available in whole beans, decaf and pods):

This high-quality, ethically-sourced, 100% Ararbica coffee, has gone through a process to remove mould toxins that can occasionally get into our food chain.

The caffeine also suppresses adenosine which influences our attention, alertness and sleep. By blocking adenosine you get a surge in energy and improved mental performance.

THE UPGRADE OCTANE OIL (RRP from £16.93 for 473ml):

Flavourless and odourless, this oil’s ingredients are taken from the heart of the coconut and are said to encourage your body’s natural ability to switch into fat burning mode – also know as ketosis.


The Upgrade Octane Oil can also be added to food while cooking, sprinkled over salads or poured into smoothies.


This is rich in Omega-3, which helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.


When combined, the three ingredient work together to give you a powerful boost in energy, help with brain function – in fact Dave says that since drinking the coffee/oil/butter mix his IQ has risen by more than 20 points – and stave off hunger pangs.

Many drink it first thing in the morning, in replacement of breakfast – it’s claimed it can help with weight loss – but it can also be used as a pre-workout.


The coffee itself is a dark, earthy blend with a delicious, rich aroma and taste.

I’m not going to lie, when you add the oil and butter I felt it made for a rather greasy drink. However, I definitely saw a noticeable spike in my energy levels after drinking it, plus I felt like it lasted twice as long as the normal high I get from my usual coffee.

I think as a pre-workout it’s worth a try and my chef pal loves the idea of adding the Upgrade Octane Oil to dishes and see how it really affects the old brain cells!

Bulletproof Coffee is already a huge hit in the US – there’s even a Bulletproof Coffee Shop in Santa Monica, California – so with it’s launch in the UK, maybe give it a sip yourself!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…


*PR sample, all opinions my own.


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