Let’s #BEUNSELFIE… launches TODAY!

Did you know that each day 93 million selfies are taken?! Yep, 93 MILLION!

It’s staggering just how self-obsessed we are becoming, but however much we love to pout for the camera, there’s a dark, more destructive side to selfies.

Natural skincare brand, Works with Water, knows all too well how difficult it is for some people to face the camera, and the abuse and criticism that those brave enough to put themselves out on social media suffer on a daily basis.

The UK company is the creator of soluble and ready-to-eat food supplements, formulated with ingredients which are clinically proven to help with skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, eczema and ageing.

‘Unfortunately we receive emails every week from men and women who are struggling with their skin’s condition, are frequently bullied and lack confidence,’ says company founder Jules Birch.

‘It’s easy to forget that not everyone is confident about their looks and that criticism can be enormously painful. They recoil from the very idea of taking a selfie.’

Which is why Works with Water have teamed up with luxury, vintage-inspired loungewear brand Glitter and the Moon and launched the #BEUNSELFIE campaign, to encourage friendship and selflessness, and remind people that not everyone is confident about their looks.

‘We need to stop being so hard on ourselves, and each other, in our quest for perfection and show a bit of kindness to those of us with personal doubts and hang-ups about how we look and feel,’ adds Jules.

So, every week for the next FOUR weeks, you are being encouraged to nominate that person in your life who is an especially good friend and tell Works with Water and Glitter and the Moon how they have helped boost your self-confidence.

You can post your images and stories on Facebook using the tag HelpClearSkin or Twitter using the hashtag #BEUNSELFIE.

‘If a friend, colleague or relative has helped you with tips or encouragement that really helped you face the world with confidence, then this is a great chance to thank them,’ says Jules.

And the most inspiring entry each week will win an exclusive goodie bag of personalised loungewear and Works with Water’s help: skincare products for the person they nominated.

I love the positive message this campaign is promoting, which is why I wanted to tell you all about #BEUNSELFIE.

So, get tweeting and posting!

The first winner will be chosen on 27 May, with subsequent winners announced every Friday. For more information and T&Cs, visit workswithwater.com/beunselfie.

Good luck!



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