HERBALIFE gets sporty!

Most of you will be familiar with Herbalife, famous for meal replacements, shakes and snacks that help with weight management.

However, did you know they also have a sports nutrition range, developed to help hydrate, boost energy and support recovery?

Nope, neither did I!


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Proskins leggings review

I’m a fussy little thing when it comes to gym wear and, in particular, leggings.

Firstly, I like them to come up high – I mean over the belly button, warming my kidneys high.

Secondly, they have to be comfortable and smart – I wear my gym kit to work five days a week and train six days a week, so whether I’m sat at my desk or in the gym, I don’t want to be fussing over what I’m wearing.

Thirdly, they need to be squat proof – I squat, I lunge, I deadlift, I do glute work and use the leg press, the last thing I want to be worrying about is whether the person next to me can see my undies!

So, you can imagine the sort of workout I get up to in the changing room when I’m trying to shop for new gym clothes!

That’s why, when I was offered the chance to try a pair of Proskins Slim Leggings in Classic Black, I’d have been silly not to say ‘yes’.IMG_2601 Continue reading