Quest Vitamins

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to talk to you about a couple of new launches from Quest Vitamins which caught my eye. They are both great supplements for people like us who work out regularly.

Vitamin B is great for maintaining energy levels and helping the body fight off fatigue, meanwhile Vitamin D will help keep your immune system healthy while your body is being dragged through its paces in the gym!    



This is a once-a-day vitamin in tablet form (RRP £6.66, for 30 tablets,


This supplement is great for reducing tiredness and fatigue.

If you find your energy levels taking a nose dive by mid-afternoon, but still have to fit in a session at the gym, then most of us find ourselves reaching for a coffee to give us that much needed pick-me-up.

Trouble is, more than 3 cups a day can cause indigestions, dehydration and high blood pressure.

This supplement, however, enhances the release of energy from food.

It provides a full spectrum of the B vitamins, plus vitamin C, which also helps you feel more energised and eases fatigue and stress.

The tablets are reasonable large, but easy to swallow with no real taste to them.


This is a once-a-day vitamin in tablet form (RRP £5.22, for 30 tablets,


This supplement is designed to support your immune system, boost bone health and is a great one for people who train.

A hard core training session puts our bodies through a lot and sometimes our immune system takes a battering – and grabbing onto bits of equipment that have been pawed by other members doesn’t help because we are in constant contact with other people’s germs – gross!!

Vitamin D not only gives your immune system a boost, but also helps build stronger bones, so it’s a great one to take each morning to ensure you stay flu free and clear of colds while looking after the foundations that help you lift, run, jump, swim and more!!

If that wasn’t all, though, according to the journal Medicine & Sport in Sports & Exercise, vitamin D has also been shown to help maintain stronger muscles.

The research states that as we get older our muscle function can decline – we lose muscle mass and can become weaker – but vitamin D can help combat this process by helping our bodies absorb calcium from our food, which in turn helps with muscle growth.

This is a small tablet, no taste and very easy to swallow.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…



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