Fitness Angels

Excuses, excuses, excuses…when it comes to going to the gym, getting in that 5km run or hitting play on that workout DVD, we are full of them!

We’ve all been guilty of finding something – anything – to blame for stopping us from training.

Well, Fitness Angels might just have found the solution.

It’s a simple concept – they offer 1-2-1 personal training session over the web.

Via a webcam on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, their personal trainers are beamed straight into your living room – or just about anywhere else you can get a decent wifi signal – so you don’t even have to walk out the door to workout.

Think of it as a workout DVD that can talk back!!

Fitness Angels banner.PNG
Curious to try such a concept I was lucky enough to be offered a session with Fitness Angels’ personal trainer Jonny Good.

First off, he lives in Manchester and I’m in Essex, but distance didn’t matter, all we had to do was agree on a time and he was there in my living room!

The process was certainly an easy one. You are sent detailed instructions on what you will need to wear and advice on how much space you should clear and how to set up your webcam, then it was just a matter of clicking a couple of buttons and Jonny appeared…

There was only a slight lag in the footage, which I’ll get to later, but we could see and hear each other perfectly.

Fitness Angels will help pick the best personal trainer for you based on questions about your current fitness levels, lifestyle, availability, how you like to be trained and goals. They will also ask if you have any equipment at home, such as dumbbells, resistance bands, skipping ropes etc, that can be utilised by the trainer.

Once they have found you a trainer it’s time to get down to your first session – each workout is 30 minutes long.

Jonny had devised a full body supersets workout for me aimed at targeting every area of my body from legs and abs to chest and triceps, while keeping my heart rate up with HIIT moves such as mountain climbers and burpees:

  • ROUND 1 – 2 min – supersets

10 1¼ squats / 50 mountain climbers

  • ROUND 2 – 3 min – supersets

12 press ups / 40 power to the people

  • ROUND 3 – 3.5 min – supersets

10 ½ burpees / 40 power knees

  • ROUND 4 – 4 min – supersets

20 side lunges / 30 bird dogs

  • ROUND 5 – 2 min – supersets

40 bicycle crunches / 10 woodchoppers

He’d also planned a warm up, cool down and quick abs session at the end.

Before each round Jonny walked me through the exercises, explaining their benefits and showing me the proper way to do them.

Then, it was my turn to bounce about the living room while he timed me, counted my reps, corrected my form and called out words of encouragement.

It was no different really than to being in the same room as him.

The only slight problem was a lag in streaming so sometimes I’d already have started an exercise before Jonny began counting…but that just meant I did a few extra reps!

I was really impressed with Fitness Angels.

Jonny was polite, funny, informative, encouraging and happy to answer any of my questions. I found the whole process stress free and easy to follow and I am far from a technical wizard!

Packages include coach check-ins and workouts and can be customised to meet your needs, so you can have however many of each you want per month – obviously, though, the cost goes up the more check-ins and training sessions you have.

Although, overall the sessions work out, on average, up to 53% less than a traditional personal training session in the gym. Check out their pricing here.

Also, at the moment the workout sessions available are only half an hour long and for fitness junkies like me that might not be enough, I don’t think there would be anything to stop them from offering hour-long workouts too though.

This is a great concept, for busy people with not enough time to get to a gym, lazy people who can’t be bothered to go to the gym (!) and also people who travel frequently and can’t always find somewhere to train – now anywhere, at any time, can become your gym!

It’s also fun for people like me who are in the gym a lot, because it gives us a break from the norm!

All in all, a workout with Fitness Angels is anything but hellish – it’s set to leave you feeling heavenly!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…



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