Pound! The most fun I’ve had in ages

When it’s 7.15am and you’re handed a set of drumsticks at the start of an exercise class, not dumbbells, you know the next hour is going to be fun-filled to say the least!

Recently I was invited to take part in a Pound class at Gymbox  to celebrate the launch of, and taste, the new range of vegan protein powders from NaturesPlus

The full-body cardio class is a mix of HIIT and pilates, all based around simulated drumming.

It was invented by two drummers, Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, who, during a gig, were forced to play without stools and had to squat over their instruments.

It was only the next day when they noticed how much their bodies ached that they realised they could meld drumming and exercise together, creating a whole new fitness craze that can burn 900 calories plus an hour.


All we needed was a mat and pair of Ripstix – their name for the lightly weighted (1/4lb) drumsticks you use throughout the class – and we were good to go.


The aim is to use your sticks to drum to the beat in the air and on the floor around your mat while performing exercises such as squats, lunches and crunches.

Jess McKee, our instructor, was bursting with energy as she turned the volume up on the music and encouraged us to find the beat and start pounding it out.

The music was LOUD and perfect to get you in the mood (singing along was encouraged!)

It was such a fun class, split into sections, which included three floor-based core workouts.

Now, I’m not a very coordinated person, which is why I shy away from aerobics classes, but my lack of being able to master footwork and arm movements didn’t matter here because as long as I was rocking out, I was working out!

Everyone was whooping and cheering and if they missed a beat, they just carried on playing away until they caught up. I was so enthusiastic I lost a drumstick at one point!

By the end of it we were a hot and achy mess. I could already feel it in my bottom, upper thighs and tummy.

This class was a fantastic way to start the day and I felt full of energy afterwards.


And, once class was over, it was time to try the new vegan Sunflower and Pea protein powders from NaturesPlus.

We were lucky enough to have them blended up into a selection of delicious smoothies, including a healthy PEAna Colada! Something that was good for you and tasted yummy, brilliant!


Pea Protein (organic; vegan, gluten and soy free):

Carbs 2g

Fat 1.5g

Protein 15g

*per 20g serving

Sunflower Protein (organic; vegan, gluten and soy free):

Carbs 3g

Fat: 3.5g

Protein 16g

*per 37g serving


A great morning all round. Pound class and protein, what more could a fitness fan ask for!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…



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