Hench nutrition

There are so many sports nutrition brands out there that it’s hard to tell one protein powder from the next.

In fact, in the UK alone, the sports nutrition market is worth £300 million and it’s estimated that by 2019 it will be worth $37 billion globally.

Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you buy is going to be made of top-grade ingredients and taste delicious!

So, when I heard about Norwich-based Hench Nutrition I was interested to try them out and see how they rated.

Well, I have just one word….WOW!


Hench Nutrition was launched in 2011 by managing director John Horwell out of his parent’s spare bedroom and now sells over 500 products including protein shakes and snacks, amino acids, ceratine, clothing and accessories, the majority of which are manufactured at their Norfolk warehouse.

The company has also been asking its customers to get involved by opening its doors up to investors on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube.

I’ve been trying out a selection of products and have been really impressed.

Among the items I’ve been enjoying are the Hench Pro Expert Whey, Protein Mousse Dessert, Protein Pancakes and Protein Hot Chocolate.

So, here’s a further look at my favourites…

900g, 30 servings, £19.99

2000g, 66 servings, £37.99

Available in Strawberry; Chocolate; Butterscotch; Banana; Vanilla

This is a finely milled protein powder. Pop it in your shaker and it’s mixed up in seconds, not a lumpy bit in sight, and has a smooth chocolate taste, not chemically or sickly at all. I love this mixed with ice cold water as a refreshing post workout drink. I also mix this with my porridge for breakfast and it makes a creamy, yummy, thick consistency.

Nutritional info (per 30g serving with water):

Calories 118kcal

Protein 24g

Carbs 2g

Fat 1.6g

500g £5.59

1000g £11.59

2000g £24.39

Yum, yum, yum!! I love these. So easy to make, so easy to cook and taste delicious.

All you have to do is pop 100ml of water or milk into your shaker, add a level scoop (40g) of the pancake mix, shake and then cook gently in a non-stick pan. Then you can top them with whatever takes your fancy (or fits your macros!). We’ve all tried making protein pancakes out of our protein powder and nine times out of 10 they come out a soggy mess, but this is a proper protein pancake mix, so you’ll get yummy pancakes every time, without fail. These are my weekend treat and I really look forward to them. They can also be used as wraps for lunch.

Nutritional info (40g serving)

Calories 147kcal

Protein 24.9g

Carbs 8.3g

Fat 1.7g


500g £9.12

1000g £19.12

Available in Chocolate Velvet or Strawberry Sundea

If you are in need of a nightly sweet fix that will fit into your eating plan, then this is certainly something to consider. Again, it’s so easy to make. Just mix 150ml of water or milk with on scoop (40g) in your shaker, shake until smooth and then pour into a bowl. You don’t need more than one bowl of this to get rid of those sweet cravings guilt free.

Nutritional info (40g serving)

Calories 151kcal

Protein 29.3g

Carbs 2.4g

Fat 3.2g


300g £5.24

1000g £17.74

This is a must for the kitchen cupboard. It’s smooth, sweet and chocolatey. All you have to do is mix 200ml of water or milk with a scoop (30g) of the powdered hot chocolate, shake, then pour into a mug and microwave for 60-90secs.

This came out piping hot and tasting just like any ‘normal’ hot chocolate.

Nutritional info (30g serving with water)

Calories 110kcal

Protein 18.6g

Carbs 5g

Fat 1.8g

This isn’t the end of the range though. There’s also a Protein Mug Cake Mix; Protein Porridge, Protein Flapjack Mix and a Protein Pizza Base Mix.

And that’s not even touching on Hench Nutrition’s range of supplements.

I’m a big fan of the choice and quality of Hench Nutrition’s products – satisfying, delicious and effective.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…


*PR samples, all opinions my own


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