We’ve all heard the buzz word ‘superfoods’ being thrown about, but I had no idea just how super cherries were until I discovered CherryActive.


CherryActive is a range of nutritional supplements made from Montmorency cherries.

They are 100% natural and contain no sweetners, preservatives, flavourings or added sugar and are available in concentrate or capsule form.

I have been trying out the CherryActive Concentrate* (237ml, 8 servings, £8.99), which is jam packed with around 730 Montmorency cherries!

Nutritional info (30g serving)

Carbs 24.5g

Protein 1.1g

Fat 0g

So, what makes cherries such an important superfood? Well, a 30ml serving of CherryActive concentrate is the antioxidant equivalent of 23 fruit and vegetables!

Antioxidants have many health benefits, which include helping to slow the aging process, repair damaged cells, boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, boost energy levels and can even stop the growth of cancer cells and force others to self-destruct.

One serving of CherryActive concentrate is also one of your Five-A-Day portions of fruit and veg, as recommended by health professionals.

If that wasn’t all, studies have shown that athletes who drink cherry juice saw their performance enhanced by, on average, 10%.

Plus, a recent study carried out by the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation at Northumbria University in Newcastle found that Montmorency cherries aid the body’s recovery after exercise.

I love how versatile the concentrate is. You can go simple and just add it to your water, mix it into natural yoghurt or pop it into a smoothie; or try cooking with it and creating delicious and nutritious savoury and sweet dishes.

My favourite thing to do is to blend this into my Greek yoghurt and peanut butter at night and it’s delicious. It adds a lovely sharp hint of cherry flavour, that’s not overpowering and so far removed from those synthetic cherry flavours you are probably used to.

It would certainly be very refreshing in a smoothie and would add louds of lovely cherry flavouring to main dishes too – and it’s doing you good, what a bonus!

What I also like about this concentrate is that, once opened, it lasts up to three months if kept refrigerated, so there’s less chance of wastage.

Those wanting to opt for the capsules may also like to know that they are Vegan and Vegetarian.

They may also be an option for those watching their carb consumption:

Carbs 0.3g

Protein Trace

Fat Trace

I’d say CherryActive is certainly something you should consider trying if you train consistently and want to find ways to naturally help boost your body’s performance and recovery. It’s also a healthy and natural way to add flavour to food if you are looking to try and reduce the amount of processed foods you eat.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…


*PR sample, all opinions are my own


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