Salter bathroom scales

When I’m prepping for a competition I have to visit my coach every other week to be weighed in and measured.

Not only do I have my weight checked but my fat percentage too, all very interesting stuff, but what if you’re just your average health-conscious person who wants to have this sort of info at their fingertips?

Well, the Salter Curve Digital Analyser Scales won’t only help you monitor your weight but your body’s water percentage, body fat and BMI.


The Salter Curve Digital Analyser Scales* (£29.99) allow you to set specific personal data, including your age and height, so that you get the most accurate read out when you weigh in.

They are made of a toughened glass platform, come with detachable feet for stability on carpet, have an easy to read backlit LCD display and batteries are included.

By simply standing on the scales they will compute your weight, but if you programme in your personal details, you can access more data.

To start you programme your sex, age and height – the scales can hold info on up to eight users – then, when you go to step on the scales next you choose your settings to ensure your reading is accurate and specific to you.


But how do the scales read your total body water, body fat and BMI?

They use Bio Impedance Analysis technology which passes a tiny electrical impulse, via the stainless steel strips on the glass platform, through your body to determine fat from lean tissue.

Don’t worry, you don’t feel a thing and the readings are displayed twice so you have time to jot them down if you are keeping a record.

You can get a similar set of scales from Salter which go one step further and will Bluetooth your weigh in data to an app on your phone (MiBody Bluetooth Digital Body Analyser Bathroom Scales) but they will set you back £79.99, so it’s really a matter of how much you want to spend.

These scales are great because people need to understand that the number you see when stepping onto a normal set of scales isn’t the full picture.

The moment we see that number on the scale going up, we start to think it’s fat, but there are lots of reasons why our weight fluctuates and these scales will help you see the fuller picture.

At certain times of the month, for example, women hold onto more water than at other times, which will cause our weight to go up and down, these scales will help you see this.

Plus, you’ll be able to see how much of your total weight is fat and how much is muscle – so, even though the overall number on the scales might not move one week, you may see a drop in your fat percentage, which means you have gained muscle and not put on fat as you might have otherwise thought if using a less advanced set of scales.

For the price these are a decent set of scales. They are well made, sturdy, stylish, accurate and informative.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…


*PR sample, all opinions are my own


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