MagnesiumOil Joint Spray

Training five to six times a week is, no doubt, going to put a strain on your joints and flexibility. So how do you look after them?

Well, a simple spritz of MagnesiumOil Joint Spray* could be what you need to stay supple and ache-free.


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Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds

If there’s one thing that gets me motivated when I’m training, it’s music. I can’t bear to train in silence.

The only problem is, while I’m jumping about and flitting from one piece of equipment to the next, the last thing I need are wires getting in my way.

Wireless headphones are obviously the solution, but with so many out there to choose from which ones are best?

Well, I’ve been testing the impressive Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds


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Penclic Keyboard and Mouse

Being happy and staying healthy is the name of the game on this blog, and even when I’m sat at my desk typing, I’m thinking about my wellbeing.

Did you know, on average, people spend five hours a day – around 48 weeks a year – sat at a computer typing?

But many electronic devices were never ergonomically designed for long-tern human use, which mean while we type away we are putting a strain on 27 major joints and 123 ligaments in our hands and wrists.

The result being that many people suffer from hand and wrist pain, often leading to repetitive strain injury (RSI).

There are many products out there now designed to improve RSI symptoms and help keep your hands healthy while you work. I’ve been trying the Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 and Mouse R3*…


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