Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds

If there’s one thing that gets me motivated when I’m training, it’s music. I can’t bear to train in silence.

The only problem is, while I’m jumping about and flitting from one piece of equipment to the next, the last thing I need are wires getting in my way.

Wireless headphones are obviously the solution, but with so many out there to choose from which ones are best?

Well, I’ve been testing the impressive Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds


The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds* are one of four sets of ‘sport’ headphones that Jabra make.



What really drew my attention to them is the app they come with. It not only allows you to track activities such as running, cycling, walking, spinning and even skiing, but also has a built in ‘coach’ that takes you through your workout.

You simply download the app onto your phone, then connect the headphones using Bluetooth and, by tapping on the cross-training option, you can either use the app’s pre-set circuits or create your own, choosing from a list of over 40 pre-loaded exercises. You can even dictate the duration of each exercise, number of sets and rest periods in between.

Then, once you hit start, you can focus on training while listening to your favourite tunes and a voice will count you in and out of each exercise, plus tell you what’s next.


It’s a fantastic function and really means you can personalise every workout to your needs and push yourself to the last second as you get counted in and out of each move. Although, I have one little niggle.

On the present workouts, once you hit start, it runs through the whole circuit without stopping. However, if you create your own workout, it stops in between each exercise and you have to tap a tick on the app to move it forward. I found this really frustrating, because I just wanted to put my phone down, find a space in the gym and get to work, I didn’t want to have to keep running back to my phone every minute to prompt the app to move on.

These earphones are still impressive though.

Within the range Jabra feature a pair of dedicated running headphones for the truly passionate runners, but the Sport Coach are a great all-rounder for someone who loves listening to music in the gym, likes circuit training, walking, cycling and runs occasionally too.

When connected to the app, these earbuds will track your distance, pace, step count, cadence and calories burned.

Not only that, you can set goals such as duration, distance and calorie burn as well as a target pace or cadence.

There’s also a workout history so you can look back on your training sessions and chart your progress. You even have the option to take a built in fitness test so you can keep track of how your fitness levels are improving.


The headphones themselves are really comfortable and didn’t budge when I jumped about from jumping jacks to burpees and then onto high knees and butt kicks. There are three earbud sizes the choose from to ensure you get the best fit and the wire connecting them sits comfortably at the base of your neck – clips are provided so you can adjust it for a snug fit.

The earbuds do need charging, but once connected to the app there’s an indicator, giving you an estimated battery life, so you always know when they’re running low on juice.

They come with enough charge to set them up on your phone, which took all of five minutes and was no fuss at all. The instructions were clear and it was quick and easy.

The sound quality is crisp and they come with passive noise cancellation too.

If that wasn’t all you can take calls etc, just like you would with any other pair of mobile phone compatible headphones.

I’ve had a couple of updates on the app, which have been trouble-free. However, I can’t seem to download a piece of software from Jabra’s website which will allow me to use a new function they have introduced – automatic repetition counting.

Also, you have to pull back the plastic earbud covering to get to the charge point on the earbuds and I just wonder how long it would be before the ear covering starts to get baggy or splits?

If you’re thinking of investing in a pair of wireless headphones for your training sessions, though, I would definitely suggest you consider these.

Take a look at the website, decide which ones suit your training needs and give them a whirl.

They aren’t cheap, but I think you pay for the quality and technology they are putting at your fingertips.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…


*PR sample, all opinions are my own.


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