Wash Wizard

We all know how sweaty a long hard training session in the gym can be and we all long for that hot shower at the end of our workout.

But what with trainers, gym kit, a towel, water bottle and protein shaker to name just a few of the things rattling around in our gym bags, however big your muscles are, the thought of carrying about a wash bag on top of that leaves you feeling like you’ve packed for a two-week holiday every time you go to the gym!

And what if the showers are busy and you’ve not got time to waste?

Well now showering has got that much easier, thanks to Wash Wizard. In fact, you don’t even need a shower!


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Udo’s Choice

Now, a glass full of green gunk might not sound or look appetising, but if you want a hit of winter-blues-eradicating, immune-boosting, digestion-loving vitamins, nutrients protein, fiber and propbiotics, well you can’t really go wrong with a green juice.

So, I got my hands on some Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens, as well as their Ultimate Oil Blend, which packs a punch of essential fatty acids, to try and give my body a helping hand over the harsh winter months.

Here’s what I thought of them…


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The cost of competing

Hey everyone,

Since doing my first bikini competition in June last year, a lot of people have been curious about how much it all cost.

They take one look at the crystal drenched, sparkly bikinis and see pound signs! There are also people out there who want to compete, but might not know, apart from the training, exactly what is involved. So, I thought I would give you more of an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and run through how much competing cost me and how much preparation it really took.

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