The cost of competing

Hey everyone,

Since doing my first bikini competition in June last year, a lot of people have been curious about how much it all cost.

They take one look at the crystal drenched, sparkly bikinis and see pound signs! There are also people out there who want to compete, but might not know, apart from the training, exactly what is involved. So, I thought I would give you more of an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and run through how much competing cost me and how much preparation it really took.



  • Entrance to the competition

The cost of this varies from federation to federation, but you will find that with most you pay a separate fee for each category you want to enter. Some start from as little as £35.

I competed in the Miami Pro European Championships.

Ms Model – £79.99

Bikini over 35s – £79.99

Make sure you book your place in plenty of time as they can be snapped up very quickly and, after all your hard work in the gym, the last thing you want is to find the show is sold out!

I booked my place about five weeks before the show.


  • Bikini

Make sure you get this ordered with plenty of time to spear so you can factor in time for adjustments.

There are a number of companies out there who specialise in competition bikinis – because this isn’t the sort of two piece you can just buy off the rack at Topshop!!

These are specially designed to fit the body in a certain way to ensure they show off your physique properly.

Most federations have rules on the exact fit – any good bikini designer will know the specifics for your federation – but apart from that the colour and design are up to you.

I opted for emerald green with Swarovski crystals in clear and green.

My designer was Lorraine Stonier from @cookiedancewear

Cost – £180


  • Shoes

You will need special shoes for the show which we tend to refer to as ‘stripper heels’!

Again, federations have different rules as to the type you can wear, but most of them have a clear platform base and clear straps, this means they help elongate the leg without then cutting you off at the feet.

Make sure you get these in good time so that you can practice walking and posing in them. They are surprisingly comfortable to walk in and once you get them on they will change how you stand and how your body looks for the better.

I got mine from Alternative Footwear.

Cost – £55.99


  • Hair removal and nails

Ok, there’s no beating around the, ahem, bush here – when it comes to getting your bikini wax, you’ve got to have it ALL off.

It’s known as a Hollywood and, I can’t lie to you, it hurts! However, if you go to a reputable saloon then they will try and make the experience as pleasant as possible. Plus, that’s a delicate area you are dealing with, some make sure you go to someone fully trained in intimate waxings.

I got my waxing done a week before my tan. I have sensitive skin so wanted to make sure any redness, in-growing hairs or soreness had time to heal. Have a chat with the person doing your tan to see what they would suggest when it comes to timing your waxing.

I also had acrylics done and a pedicure while at my saloon.

Cost – £80



  • Tan

Now we all know that I’m ginger and thus the palest of the pale! I had two visits to the tanners – my base coat was done on the Friday night, my top coat on the Saturday and the show was on the Sunday.

Once my base coat was on I wasn’t allowed to wash – so no showering and I had to be careful not to splash myself with water and mark the tan.

It’s not the best feeling in the world, being covered in tan and knowing you can’t wash it off for nearly three days, but once it was on, my body looked amazing.

This, however, isn’t your normal spray tan and you must go to a company that specifically do show tans.

I went to Flawless 7.

Cost – £50



  • Hair

I got my hair done the night before the show. It was put up in sleep-in rollers by the hairdresser and I didn’t take them out until half an hour before going on stage. Don’t worry, loads of people are walking about at these shows with rollers in their hair, you will not look out of place.

I got my hair done by Abbi at Lucia Hair Boutique in Billericay, Essex.

Cost – £25


  • Makeup

I got mine done on the morning of the show, before travelling down to the venue.

It was a lovely relaxing experience and I would certainly recommend getting someone to do your makeup for you as it adds to the whole excitement and glamour of the day. Plus, after all your hard work it’s nice to feel pampered.

The lovely Charlemagne did my makeup. What I loved was that after she’d finished she took pictures to make sure there was no strobing or flashback, so that she could make sure my photos on stage would be perfect.

Cost: £50 (inc individual lashes)



  • Professional pictures

On the day most federations will have a professional photographer taking pictures of everyone on stage and you should have the opportunity to purchase these.

At Miami Pro they have special offer show prices, which you can pay before or on the day – the cost then goes up post show.

You will be in your best shape, with lighting, hair, makeup, bikini – the lot – so this is a great way to get some pics of your day that have been taken by a professional.

Miami Pro also film their shows and you can buy this footage too.

Prices vary but you’re looking at around £40 as a starting point.



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