Udo’s Choice

Now, a glass full of green gunk might not sound or look appetising, but if you want a hit of winter-blues-eradicating, immune-boosting, digestion-loving vitamins, nutrients protein, fiber and propbiotics, well you can’t really go wrong with a green juice.

So, I got my hands on some Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens, as well as their Ultimate Oil Blend, which packs a punch of essential fatty acids, to try and give my body a helping hand over the harsh winter months.

Here’s what I thought of them…


Udo’s Choice was created by industry expert in healthy fats and nutrition, Udo Erasmus.

His products aim to care for four of the most neglected areas of nutrition in westerner’s typical diet – healthy fats, greens, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

As someone who trains 5-6 times a week and commutes into London daily, I need to make sure my body to stocked with healthy greens and fatty acids to ensure my immune system stays strong and my body can repair itself after a tough training session.

For that reason, I was particularly interested in trying out these two products by Udo’s Choice.

Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens (£25.99, 255g)

dsc00445Um, this has stuff I’ve never even heard of in it – dulse…chlorella…defatted flax seeds… I don’t think my body has ever ingested something so healthy before!

This is a blend of organic greens, fermented grasses, vegetables and algae, among other things, making it a great natural source of vitamins K and B12 and folic acid, iodine and iron.

It’s also dairy, yeast, soy and GMO free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Beyond Greens comes in the form of a green powder and just one scoop is the equivalent to eating two portions of organic veg.

The powder can be mixed neat into a glass of water, or you can pop a serving into your favourite smoothie, which is what I did.

There’s certainly a slight ‘grassy’ taste to my smoothie when I include these greens, but I find it’s a far better way to get them in me than trying to chug down a glass of green liquid. I know some people mix it into a glass of orange juice, for a quick and easy way of knocking it back in the morning without a second thought.

I think this powder is a great way of getting an amazing kick of goodness into your system.

Yes, I’m not going to lie – it doesn’t taste like a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake, but then it’s a million times better for you than that!

If you’re looking for an amazingly clean, healthy way of injecting your body with a shot of fibre, protein, vitamins and more, I would try giving this a go.

Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend (£12.99, 250ml)

dsc00447Our bodies cannot produce essential fatty acids, so we have to source them from the foods we eat. However, modern day diets don’t tend to provide us with the right amounts, and the ones we do ingest have often been damaged by food processing or exposure to heat, light and the environment.

But they play an important role in the body – easing inflammation, boosting mood, aiding hormone production, regulating blood pressure, liver function, the immune system, helping with the breakdown of cholesterol, maintaining a healthy heart, increasing energy and improving recovery after training as well as flexibility…

Ultimate Oil Blend is designed to supply your body with the ideal amount of essential fatty acids.

It’s made from a blend of organic, unrefined, vegetarian, sustainable seed oils and couldn’t be more versatile when it comes to the ways you can use it.

Try drizzling it over salads, popping it into smoothies, soups, casseroles, porridge or pasta dishes or try it mixed into your protein shake or stirred into mashed potato.

The oil has a deep nutty, slightly honey flavour and I like having it over salads, as I’m used to using hemp oil as a dressing. Mixed into mash it would give it a nice earthy hint, but in other dishes the flavour would probably disappear altogether, so it’s not going to be offensive to the tastebuds.

Again, this oil is a simple and easy way of caring for your body from the inside out.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy.



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