Pink Parcel

Don’t we all love receiving packages in the post? And what better time to hear the clatter of your letter box and know something lovely has landed on your doormat than when you’re about to get your period?

Odd thing to ask, right, but Pink Parcel is changing the way you view your monthly visitor, because this is a subscription box service which is delivered to your door to coincide with your monthly cycle…


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The lights are low, the music is pumping, I’m on the dancefloor of a nightclub…and I’m in my gym gear!

Yep, because I’m not on a night out, I’m about to work out!

I’m having a go at Clubbercise, a fitness-dance class which fuses clubbing and exercise. For a music loving gym bunny, could there be anything better? Let’s find out…

Clubbercise (1).jpg


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