Pink Parcel

Don’t we all love receiving packages in the post? And what better time to hear the clatter of your letter box and know something lovely has landed on your doormat than when you’re about to get your period?

Odd thing to ask, right, but Pink Parcel is changing the way you view your monthly visitor, because this is a subscription box service which is delivered to your door to coincide with your monthly cycle…


The thinking behind Pink Parcel is simple – to make sure that you are never caught out on your period again, by delivering tampons and pads to your door.

But at a time of the month when burning your toast can seem like the end of the world, just getting a bunch of sanitary products through the post isn’t exactly going to lift your mood.

So, Pink Parcel thought of that too – each month you also receive a range of exciting treats from skincare and beauty products to scented candles, jewellery and stationery, and there’s always tea and something sweet to eat too.

It couldn’t be easier to sign up for either. You get to pick your favourite brand of sanitary products, then choose a delivery date nearest to the start of your period so you receive your parcel just in time for the start of it. And everything is discreetly packaged so you won’t be left red faced in front of the post man. There’s even a little cloth drawstring bag for you to pop some towels and tampons into for safe keeping in your handbag.

I think the price point is very reasonable too. Your first box will be just £6.95 and then £10.50 thereafter, and the samples in the box I received were all decent sizes, including a New CID Cosmetics i-bronze mini bronzer worth £16, a full size Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel by AA Skincare worth £6.96 and a set of 6 pink lavender tea lights worth £5.99. Items you receive in your box are also available to buy on the Pink Parcel website.dsc00595

If that wasn’t all, my box also contained 5 panty liners, 12 tampons, 8 day-time pads and 5 night-time pads – a great selection for keeping in your handbag, to ensure you never run out again!


My only one con is that the box everything comes in is too big to fit through most letter boxes, and when you’re feeling grumpy, bloated and psyching yourself up for the cramps from hell, who wants to have to go out and collect a parcel?!

I would, however, give this subscription service a try. We all lead such hectic lives these days but this box, as well as helping you stay stocked up with sanitary products, encourages and helps you to stop and take a moment to pamper yourself at a time when you need it most.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy.



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