Kneipp Arnica Joint and Muscle

There is nothing nicer than sinking into a hot bath after a heavy session at the gym – the water soothing your aching muscles as the steam swirls around you.

Well, now it gets even better, thanks to Kneipp’s Arnica Joint and Muscle Mineral Bath Salt. (£8.95 for 500g)DSC00611.jpg

Created by the German brand, Kneipp, these bright orange bath salts have been made to help ease aching joints and muscles, and are made to pharmaceutical standards using naturally derived ingredients.

This vegan-friendly muscle soak contains arnica extract, as well as cabreuva, rosemary and pine natural essential oils, all of which are proven to help reduce joint inflammation, ease sprains and aches, help combat arthritic pain, rheumatism, and lower back pain.

Their scent is very strong but I found it really pleasant. The rosemary hit my nose first, followed by the fresh minty, earthy scent of the pine. And, as the salts hit the running water and began to warm up the scent released into the bathroom.

The salts don’t produce any bubbles and the water turns a Lucozade orange, which I was worried might stain the bath, but there wasn’t a trace of it after draining the water.


Kneipp recommend relaxing for at least 15-20 minutes in the bath to allow the salts to really get to work, and I found the scent very relaxing – rosemary and pine essential oils are also great if you have a cold for easing blocked noses and coughs, so this is a good one to keep on hand for the winter months.

All in all, I really liked these salts.

I’d done a heavy back session the day before and was feeling tense around my shoulders and aching throughout my upper back, I certainly felt my muscles easing and the tension seeping away.

I would say bathing with these salts two times a week would really help ease aching muscles. A 500g tub is said to equate for 8-10 full baths.

In my opinion, these salts are well worth checking out.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…



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