Gym bag essential – Steripod

Us gym goers have all sorts of stuff lurking at the bottom of our gym bags, and today we are talking toothbrushes.

Did you know that, according to a recent study at the University of Manchester, there are more than 10 million bacteria on your toothbrush right now, and having it rattling around amongst protein shakers, water bottles, sweaty sports bras and battered old trainers isn’t going to help the situation!

But now there’s a way to not only keep your teeth clean, but your toothbrush too – the steripod!


The steripod* is a plastic toothbrush protector which easily clips onto any manual or electric toothbrush, surrounding the head and creating a barrier against contamination.

If that wasn’t all, the pod contains active vapours to keep your toothbrush clean and smelling fresh for up to three months!

The vapour is made from thymol, a compound used in mouthwashes and oral antiseptics. It is encased within the plastic of the steripod, and there are small holes to allow the thymol vapour to seep out and encircle the toothbrush’s bristles, keeping them sterile.


I first came across steripod when I was travelling to Corfu and didn’t want to just throw my toothbrush into my toilet bag without some sort of protection. What sold me to this brand, over other toothbrush protectors, was the active vapour, it just made me think my toothbrush would stay extra clean.

So, when steripod got in touch with me, I wanted to let you guys know about them too.

They come in a fab range of colours, so even the kids will be happy using these, and they are made from a really sturdy plastic, with a strong clip, so you don’t have to worry about them cracking or shattering while in transit.

I’m a huge fan of these and, not only are they great for travelling, but a brilliant way to keep your toothbrush clean when it’s rolling about in your gym bag. Plus, the price is great too – a two pack is just £4.99, so that’s six month’s-worth of clean and fresh teeth cleaning for under a fiver, bargain!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…


*PR sample


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