WOW Protein

Ok, so, I expect most of you reading this have heard of protein powder, and may even use it.

This finely milled powder comes in all sorts of flavours and is mixed, usually, with water to make a high protein drink.

Thing is, it can get messy. One cough or sneeze while measuring it out and there’s a mushroom cloud of it hanging over your kitchen. Plus, with so many of us complaining about how time-poor we are, some people can’t even face the fuss of weighing it out in the first place… and what about how long it takes to wash you’re shaker up afterwards!!

However, protein is great for fuelling your workouts, aiding muscle repair, steadying blood sugar levels and boosting your metabolism so WOW Protein have come up with a way of making it easy and fuss-free.


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Alchemy Oils

The saying goes ‘long hair, don’t care’, but whatever length your hair is, you’ve probably worried about its health and condition at some point!

I’ve been growing mine for the last couple of years but, because it’s so fine and fly away, I can’t use a lot of products as they weigh it down and make it super greasy.

But, I still want to keep it nourished and protected from split ends.

So, I’m always on the lookout for new oils and serums I can try, which is why I’ve been giving Alchemy Oil’s Grapefruit Hair Remedy a go…


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Soft&Gentle Antiperspirant

Summer’s on its way which, for me, means things start hotting up around the armpits!

Now, no one minds a sweat patch or two when you’re working hard in the gym, but when you’re commuting to work, out shopping or lunching with the girls, it’s not so pretty.

Which is why I’m so pleased I’ve discovered Soft&Gentle’s Cool Boost Antiperspirant.

This is quite a statement but, I think it might just be my fave sweat buster right now…

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Sometimes, life can get a little bit hectic, what with work, gym, kids, social life and maybe a couple of hours’ sleep slipped in there somewhere!

So, who, honestly, has time these days to sit down and have a proper breakfast?

The thing is, breakfast really shouldn’t be missed.

A quick search on the internet will tell you that studies have shown people who eat breakfast consume more vitamins, minerals and fiber throughout the day.

Breakfast gives your body and brain the energy it needs to start firing on all cylinders, improving your concentration and productivity, plus it stimulates your metabolism.

And these days, it doesn’t have to be time consuming…


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