Soft&Gentle Antiperspirant

Summer’s on its way which, for me, means things start hotting up around the armpits!

Now, no one minds a sweat patch or two when you’re working hard in the gym, but when you’re commuting to work, out shopping or lunching with the girls, it’s not so pretty.

Which is why I’m so pleased I’ve discovered Soft&Gentle’s Cool Boost Antiperspirant.

This is quite a statement but, I think it might just be my fave sweat buster right now…

DSC00779I had no idea what was special about this antiperspirant until it dropped through my door, and then I was really interested to try it.

Soft&Gentle Cool Boost Antiperspirant (£2.99 for 250ml)* contains a specially formulated complex called Evercool Skin, which means when you first apply it you’ll notice a cooling sensation that can last up to two hours.

It works by stimulating the armpit’s thermos-receptors (which detect changes in the body’s temperature) to open, creating a cooling sensation.

It’s great on hot summer days, but even better when you come out of the shower at the gym after a sweaty workout.

My skin is super sensitive, so the sound of this Evercool Skin technology had me worried. I was sure it was going to irritate my skin, but I haven’t felt any itching, burning or stinging, even when I apply it after shaving, and I’ve been using it for over two months now.

If that wasn’t all, this antiperspirant boasts that it will keep you protected for 72HOURS!!!! Although, what with training every day, I haven’t been brave enough to put this claim to the test! However, if I don’t reapply after a gym session I’ve notice that I don’t smell or get any sweatier.

I love the scent too. Soft&Gentle describe it as menthol, which is actually an ingredient in the antiperspirant that helps extend the cooling sensation, but it’s certainly not ‘minty’. It’s very clean, fresh and marketed as unisex too.

When I wear this I feel an instant cooling effect and that’s about it, but what I do notice is that, when I start to sweat, the scent releases so I stay smelling and feeling fresh.

This is a great antiperspirant for the summer of for people always on the go, I would definitely say you should give it a try.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…


*PR sample


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