Alchemy Oils

The saying goes ‘long hair, don’t care’, but whatever length your hair is, you’ve probably worried about its health and condition at some point!

I’ve been growing mine for the last couple of years but, because it’s so fine and fly away, I can’t use a lot of products as they weigh it down and make it super greasy.

But, I still want to keep it nourished and protected from split ends.

So, I’m always on the lookout for new oils and serums I can try, which is why I’ve been giving Alchemy Oil’s Grapefruit Hair Remedy a go…


Alchemy hair oils have nothing in them but a blend of 5 natural, essential oils which will help improve the condition and strength of your hair – not a paraben, sulphate or chemical in sight.

There are two options: Amla Hair Remedy and Grapefruit Hair Remedy. The grapefruit version is the lighter of the two, which is why I opted for it.

So, what’s in it and what are the benefits?

Grapefruit essential oil – is a natural hair cleanser and prevents the build-up of hairstyling products in the hair, as well as fights dandruff. It also stimulates hair growth.

Castor oil – can help with, and prevents, hair loss, ensuring new hairs grow strong and thick. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which fight against scalp infections and dandruff.

Avocado oil – locks in moisture, is a natural SPF and helps promote healthy hair growth.

Sweet almond oil – penetrates the hair shaft and moisturises it from the inside, making hair bright, shiny and silky. It also helps with damaged ends and protects hair during heat styling.

Fractionated coconut oil (which means it had been treated so it stays liquid at room temperature) – this works as an antioxidant and disinfectant. It penetrates the hair shaft to help give moisture to the hair and fight frizz.

Ok, so now we know the science behind it, how do I use the stuff?!

Well Alchemy Oils work on the ancient Ayurvedic practice of hair oiling, in which you apply oils to dry hair and massage them into the scalp to encourage strong, healthy hair growth. The oil should then be left on the hair for at least 20 mins, but preferably overnight, before being washed off with warm water.

Alchemy Oils, however, can also be applied to wet or dry mid-lengths and ends, to promote shine and help tame fly-aways.

I have been using this in the mornings on my ends after blow drying my hair, to add a silky finish, and in the evening I have been running more of it through my mid lengths, to help strengthen, cleanse and nourish my hair overnight.

The oil has a really delicate, light fragrance which doesn’t stay on the hair. It’s not too gloopy, so a little goes a very long way – a 100ml bottle is £24 and if used just on the ends would last you forever. If doing a full scalp, I reckon, on mid-length hair, you would get about 10 uses, but it depends how much oil you use, length of your hair etc.

Once the oil is run through the hair your hands aren’t left all greasy or slippery, the oil has a nice dry feel to it and you don’t even have to wash them, I just rub mine together and they are dry within seconds.

The bottle’s opening is a bit of a pain as you don’t have very much control on how much oil comes out, I would have preferred a pipette so I could measure out how much I wanted more easily.

On very fine hair like mine I would use the tiniest amount to run through the ends if wearing your hair down, otherwise it can make it look greasy. However, thick, fly-away hair would have no problem using more.

I tend to use more on the days when I’m wearing my hair in a ponytail, so it doesn’t look so greasy and adds a really nice shine.

For people with hair like mine I find this is a great overnight treatment. It doesn’t leave any nasty residues on your pillow and leaves my hair feeling so smooth and looking shiny the next day. Working in London and sweating a lot at the gym, I also like the fact that this has cleansing properties.

I use it 2-3 times a week and love the results. For hair oil fans, I would say this is a must try.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy…



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