WOW Protein

Ok, so, I expect most of you reading this have heard of protein powder, and may even use it.

This finely milled powder comes in all sorts of flavours and is mixed, usually, with water to make a high protein drink.

Thing is, it can get messy. One cough or sneeze while measuring it out and there’s a mushroom cloud of it hanging over your kitchen. Plus, with so many of us complaining about how time-poor we are, some people can’t even face the fuss of weighing it out in the first place… and what about how long it takes to wash you’re shaker up afterwards!!

However, protein is great for fuelling your workouts, aiding muscle repair, steadying blood sugar levels and boosting your metabolism so WOW Protein have come up with a way of making it easy and fuss-free.


WOW Protein is simple. It’s a bottle of mineral water… but the secret is in its cap.

Held in the cap is a 20g serving of protein powder, 4.1mg of BCAAs – short for branch chain amino acids, which help reduce muscle soreness, support muscle growth and help sustain muscle mass – as well as a helping of vitamins B6, C and D.

All you have to do is press down the WOW Protein’s ‘blast cap’, which releases the powder into the water, give it a shake and drink!

There are two flavours available – Summer Fruits and Tropical – and each comes in a 500ml bottle (RRP £2.49).

The drinks are fat, sugar and gluten free and the macros for 500ml are: F0.1g | C0.7g |P21.1g.

I got to try the tropical flavour. First impression was that it was certainly easy to use – just push down the red button in the middle of the drinking cap and hey presto, the powder was deposited into my drink.

The blast cap sticks out of the middle of the drinking cap, once pushed in this is what it looks like

I was expecting something fruity, sweet with possibly a mango, passionfruit, pineapple type flavour, but this was far more sour than sweet, which I don’t like, especially when I’m thirsty because it makes my mouth feel even drier! However, if you like sour stuff, then you will probably really enjoy this.

I had two bottles to try and I noticed a downside before opening one of them. Without the blast cap being activated the powder had released into the water, maybe during transit, so the drink was spoilt because I didn’t drink it for a couple of weeks after receiving it.

And on the bottle that I did get to try some of the powder remained in the cap so when I drank it I got a concentrated hit of the powder!

You can see some of the powder has been left behind!

I can certainly see the uses for something like this – if you were on the go or didn’t want to carry around a shaker bottle they are really handy. But they are costly if you’re using them daily.

However, if you are after something refreshing, with a lighter consistency to a shake made with protein powder, then this is certainly an option.

Thing is, there are endless flavours of protein powder and I’m a chocolate all the way kind of girl – WOW Protein only comes in two flavours.

However, I’d say leave your shaker at home one day and give these a try, even if it’s just to shake things up a bit!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy….



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