My muscle easing must haves

There’s nothing like a good old stretch or, better still, a deep tissue massage, and you don’t need an army of physiotherapists at hand to ease those aching muscles.

These days even supermarkets are selling workout equipment. It’s affordable, accessible and if you want to stay flexible and injury free, it’s a necessity!

I use a couple of things to help keep me limber and I wanted to share them with you…

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My lower body stretching routine

I might sound like I’m moaning here, but right now not a day goes by without some part of my body aching!

Legs, shoulders, abs, back, bottom…after a punishing weights session I know I’ll be in for a day of oohhhhs and ahhhhs whenever I try to get up from my chair, reach for something or even attempt to brush my hair, not to mention the morbid fear of stairs that grips me after leg day!

Which is why it’s so important that I treat my sore muscles to a good stretch and deep tissue rub down, because it ensures they stay flexible, which will help aid mobility and strength and prevent injury and muscle fatigue in the long run.

Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to be a yogic master to stretch yourself out successfully. The following stretching routine is specifically designed to target your lower body (legs, glutes and back), can be practiced by anyone and takesĀ no more than half an hour.

It was devised by world-renowned stretching and conditioning coach Joe DeFranco and is called the Limber 11.

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