Spartan Synrgy 360

Obstacle races are becoming more and more popular as people try to push their bodies to the max and find new ways to challenge themselves.

One of the most famous is the Reebok Spartan Race, with events taking place across the country from now to October.

It’s a gruelling race, split into a 5km ‘sprint’, 13km ‘super’ or 20km ‘beast’ course, made up of 20 to 30-plus obstacles featuring mud, barbed wire, walls, ropes and fire that are designed to test both your physical and mental strength. There’s even a junior event for four to 14 year olds ranging from 0.75kn to 2km in length, with up to 14 obstacles.

But how in the hell do you train for something like this? After all, it involves strength, cardio, agility, stamina…

Well, David Lloyd, who are partnering with Reebok Spartan Races for the second year running, have designed an exercise class, in partnership with the races, aimed at building all the skills needed to complete the demanding course, and I got to go along and try it out…


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The lights are low, the music is pumping, I’m on the dancefloor of a nightclub…and I’m in my gym gear!

Yep, because I’m not on a night out, I’m about to work out!

I’m having a go at Clubbercise, a fitness-dance class which fuses clubbing and exercise. For a music loving gym bunny, could there be anything better? Let’s find out…

Clubbercise (1).jpg


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The cost of competing

Hey everyone,

Since doing my first bikini competition in June last year, a lot of people have been curious about how much it all cost.

They take one look at the crystal drenched, sparkly bikinis and see pound signs! There are also people out there who want to compete, but might not know, apart from the training, exactly what is involved. So, I thought I would give you more of an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and run through how much competing cost me and how much preparation it really took.

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Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds

If there’s one thing that gets me motivated when I’m training, it’s music. I can’t bear to train in silence.

The only problem is, while I’m jumping about and flitting from one piece of equipment to the next, the last thing I need are wires getting in my way.

Wireless headphones are obviously the solution, but with so many out there to choose from which ones are best?

Well, I’ve been testing the impressive Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds


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London Chessboxing

I’m always keen to try new and exciting exercise experiences for you guys but, Chessboxing has to be one of the strangest!

Yep, it’s exactly what you’d think it is…you play a round of chess, then a round of boxing and the winner is the first to either checkmate his opponent or get a knock out.

I’d never heard about the sport until a pal mentioned it to me and I discovered London Chessboxing.

Intrigued, I went along to have a go myself…



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Hula hooping heaven

As kids we all had a hula hoop and the simple pleasure this brightly coloured circle of plastic brought us still sticks with us today as adults, bubbling to the surface of our memory when we spot one.

So that, before long, we just can’t resist popping it over their heads and taking it for a spin!

But now you have the perfect excuse to relive this joyous childhood pastime whenever you want – introducing HulaFit.

Yes, there is now an exercise class you can take that has been designed to give you a full-body workout while using a hula hoop.
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