From weights to wellbeing

Juggling a full time job and training can get really stressful sometimes.

There’s meal prep to do, cardio, weight training, the daily commute, meetings and more… just typing about it leave me reeling! And, worst of all, stress can be detrimental to your body’s development.

When you are stressed you release a hormone called cortisol and too much of this can lead to muscle loss, belly fat, fatigue and a compromised immune system.

Still, whether you are a gym junkie, work-aholic or constant stress head, here’s a way you can find inner peace, boost confidence, gain motivation, even banish a headache and overcome a cold thanks to Tazeka Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, which are blended together into combinations that can help combat physical and emotional problems and aid our performance.

The oils are gently massaged into pulse points around the body – the temples, wrists, neck, chest, elbows and the backs of your knees and ankles. You then inhale the scent the oils give off and this is absorbed into your body, sending messages to your brain and triggering the release of hormones.

For example when most people smell lavender, it relaxes them – this is because when you smell it the brain releases soothing relaxing hormones.

Tazeka Aromatherapy has created a range of 17 aromatherapy blends, made from organic essential oils, that are designed to target your mind, body and soul.

Whether you need a boost of confidence, are lacking motivation, can’t stop worrying, have a niggling cough or need to ease PMS, there’s a blend for you.



Created by Zena Hallam, a certified clinical aromatherapist, reflexologist and modern day alchemist from Florida, these colourful, stylish roll-ons are no longer than a lipstick, so fit perfectly in your purse or gym bag.

There are two sizes available – the full range comes in 8ml bottles (RRP £27.94) and a selection of blends come in 2ml sample bottles (RRP £10.26).


I’ve been trying out some of the range and have been really impressed.

Firstly, the packaging in divine. The 8ml roller balls come in a gorgeous range of juicy colours with the name of the blend printed on the front, with an affirmation/mantra on the reverse. For example, Motivation has ‘Rev Your Engine’ and Concentration has ‘Focus and Achieve’.

The bottles look and feel expensive, they sit comfortably in your hand and you want to pull them out your bag and use them. I think the 2ml bottles are a great idea too, not only so you can get a taste of the range but because they are so subtle. They’d be great for travelling too. But what I loved most about the 2ml bottle was that they came in a roller-ball, a great little touch, no wastage and so easy to use.

I also like the amount of information you get on the box. It features a list of the essential oils that have been used and their benefits, plus a description of the blend’s scent and advice on where to roll it, when to use it and tips on how best to enjoy it.

What’s great is that these blends can also be mixed. So, if you’ve got a busy day at work and an important presentation you’re nervous about giving, then dab on Motivation and Concentrate, plus maybe a little Tension Tonic.

Here are the scents I’ve been using:

CONCENTRATE: A blend of rosemary and laurel leaf, the description is spot on when it comes to the scent of this – a lovely spicy/sweet aroma.

BALANCE: A blend of vetiver and lavender. I’m not a fan of lavender scented things, but I loved the subtlety of it in this.

MOTIVATION: A blend of lime and thyme. So zesty and zingy, but warm too.

MEDITATION GURU: A blend of frankincense and sandalwood. Again, I’m not a fan of either of these scents, they make me think of tapestry filled student hovels with incense burning non-stop….HOWEVER, this had a really unusual scent, almost sweet and aniseed like. I really liked it!


I found all these blends to be really pleasantly scented, nothing was overpowering.

I reached for Concentrate and Motivation when I needed a pick me up at the start of the day or after lunch, having been to the gym and with tiredness sneaking up on me, and Nonstop Thoughts was great rolled onto my temples of a Friday night after a busy week at work.

Come Sunday evening Balance Me was a relaxing blend to dab on after a bath while I lay back and just closed my eyes for five minutes.

If you are looking for a stylish, no mess, no fuss way to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily life, then Tazeka Aromatherapy’s range is perfect. Store them in your handbag or gym bag, on your desk at work or sat on your bedside table – not only will looking at these jewel-coloured bottles set your spirits soaring, so will the aromatic blends of essential oils within them!

Stay happy and healthy…


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